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and find homework help for other Wuthering Heights questions at eNotes. The root of Heathcliff's motivation to take revenge is unrequited love. . are the main conflicts in Wuthering Heights and how do they relate to the novel's themes?.

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and find homework help for other Wuthering Heights questions at eNotes. Heathcliff exacts very specific, reciprocal revenge on Hindley, and does it thoroughly.

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In chapter 27 to 31, Heathcliff's revenge become more server. Do you remember how Hindley treated Heathcliff after Mr. Earnshaw's death when he was just a child? with Catherine and then he imprisoned Catherine in Wuthering Heights.

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Get everything you need to know about Revenge and Repetition in Hindley takes revenge on Heathcliff for taking his place at Wuthering Heights by .. time to revenge myself on their representatives: I could do it; and none could hinder me.

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Heathcliff's Revenge in Wuthering Heights In Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte tells the story of two love triangles that take place between the same families over .

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Later on, the only person who had ever loved him, Catherine, decides to get married to In Wuthering Heights, why does Heathcliff feel affection for Hareton?.

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GradeSaver: Getting you the grade. Menu Wuthering Heights. How does Heathcliff appear to be executing his revenge on Hindley?.

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Without revenge as such a predominant theme, Wuthering Heights would just be loves, he turns his attention to getting revenge on his childhood tormenter, Hindley. Why does Heathcliff spend more time on revenge than on trying to win .