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randysmainstreetcoffee.com presents a list of the top 20 most amazing masked wrestlers masks have a special significance to the performers who wear them.

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Which wrestling Superstars have you forgotten used to wear a mask? . and screwed up half the moves in the match making it a terrible match.

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Most wrestlers have tried out wrestling under a mask and even though He was a sick individual and he wore a half-leather face mask similar.

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This is a list of masked wrestlers. The earliest known masked wrestler in the United States was In North America, many professional wrestlers have traditionally worn masks after .. He continued wrestling under a mask as one- half of The Crusaders with Crusader #2 until again being unmasked by The Sheik a year later.

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Michael Francis Foley Sr. (born June 7, ) is an American author, actor and former professional wrestler and color commentator currently signed to WWE. Foley has worked for many wrestling promotions, including the World . After spending a year and a half with WCW as a heel, Cactus Jack transitioned into a fan.

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SPONSORED The history of wrestling has been really fascinating. There have been many wrestlers whose gimmicks became more famous.

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It's a classic part of wrestling organizations everywhere, whether it's the CMLL or not the movies) he always kept his cool, Mortal Kombat half-mask on. Super Muneco not only wears a creepy/cool-looking clown mask (his.

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Sin Cara will be making his debut on WWE television, April 4. couldn't talk, had long hair, and wore a mask and body suit, which protected his Mankind was one half of the Rock 'n' Sock connection, and part of the highest.

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Velásquez was followed by dozens more, and by the mids almost half of the wrestlers working in Mexico wore masks. A set of rules and expectations.