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The act of shooting a jump shot is an art form when executed by masters like This technique brings the ball away from the defender, giving the shooter extra.

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How to Put Some B.E.E.F. Into Your Jumpshot. selected for a competitive team, since coaches will notice that they don't need to teach you the basic mechanics.

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The most distinctive thing about Kevin Durant's shooting technique is that he Kevin Durant's game is basically built around his jump shot, which he earns by.

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The free throw line is from the basket and is an uncontested shot. Some players in your shot, do so. If you have enough strength to get the ball to the net without jumping, do that instead. . Practice often, and with good technique. Don't get.

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Use your legs to help propel the ball by jumping upward while your shooting hand and you won't have time to think about the mechanics of shooting while the.

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How to Have a Good Basketball Shot. Many kids watch basketball and want to shoot like the pros. This article will include a step by step guide on how to shoot.