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I thought I remembered hearing somewhere that she was based on Jessica Hahn . And on the channel 9 show and he was talking to Jessica.

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When Howard is taking Brittany Fairchild to the movie premiere in you can . Howard Stern did not have long hair when arriving at WNBC, and in fact did.

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In the movie: After the disastrous Howard Stern Experience broadcast, . my first real semi-famous celebrity, B-movie star Brittany Fairchild.”.

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Private Parts is a American biographical comedy film produced by Ivan Reitman and directed by Betty Thomas. The film is an adaptation of the autobiographical chapters from the best selling book of the same name by radio personality Howard Stern, He and Fred attend the premiere of actress Brittany Fairchild's new film.

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Bathtub girl! Actually a blond in real life! Melanie Good. Source(s): Me! Melanie Good who played Brittany Fairchild in Howard Stern s Private.

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1 Howard goes where to be the new wacky morning man at WCCC? Question Answer: Brittany Fairchild. 6 At what Answer: Clumpy Stern. 15 Whose late.

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His father, Ben Stern, worked at radio station WHOM where the was the engineer. after acquising him of cheating on her with movie actress Brittany Fairchild.

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The life and career of shock-jock superstar Howard Stern (himself) is recounted from his humble beginnings to his view from Melanie Goodas Brittany Fairchild.

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Howard Stern, Howard Stern. Robin Quivers, Robin Quivers. Alison Stern, Mary McCormack. Fred Norris, Fred Brittany Fairchild, Melanie Good. Orgasm.

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Stern's "Private Parts" On Laser Disc Too! 8) Howard goes to Hartford. 9) Opening Night with Brittany Fairchild 10) Alison Walks Out.