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The Tomb of Jahangir (Urdu: مقبرہُ جہانگیر ) is a 17th-century mausoleum built for the Mughal .. Shalimar Gardens · Achabal Gardens; Jahangir's Tomb; Bibi Ka Maqbara · Badshahi Mosque · Shahi Bridge · Shah Jahan Mosque, Thatta.

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The Tomb of Nur Jahan (Urdu: مقبرہ نورجہاں ) is a 17th-century mausoleum in Lahore, Pakistan, that was built for the Mughal The red sandstone mausoleum, along with the nearby tomb of Jahangir, tomb of Asif Khan, and . consort of Emperor Akbar; Bibi Ka Maqbara, tomb of Dilras Banu Begum, consort of Emperor.

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Emperor Jahangir was buried according to his last wish: in Lahore, in Noor Jahan's old The empress was a great patron of architecture, having built several.

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His son Shah Jahan built the mausoleum 10 years after his father's death. Maqbara ho to Humayun jaisa ho, warna na ho. festival She gave a presentation on the Taj mahal and the Tombs of Humayun, Akbar & Jahangir.

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Jahangir died in Rajauri, as he was leaving Lahore for Kashmir. His body was brought back to Lahore and buried in Nur Jahan's walled garden, the Bagh-i.

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The tomb of Jahangir is located in Shahdara, in the suburbs of Lahore, Pakistan. It is presumed that it was Emperor Jahangir's last wish to be.

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In the downtrodden suburb of Shahdara in Lahore, a magnificent page of history twirls alongside the hubbub of the present. For in this.

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English: The Tomb of Jahangir is the mausoleum built for the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, located in Shahdara Bagh, Lahore, Punjab.

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Thousands of photographs and descriptions of traditional and historical architecture throughout Asia. Indo-Islamic Architecture, a Concise History, with a lot of.