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The fox squirrel is the largest tree squirrel in North Carolina, nearly twice the size of the more common gray squirrel. It lives primarily in mature longleaf pine and.

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Fox squirrels are a bit more rare than the eastern gray squirrel in North Carolina but they are definitely around. Many in our state likely go their whole lives.

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Learn what fox squirrel habitat looks like and put a colorful, oversized tree rodent in your The first thing he did upon his arrival was to stop at the N.C. Wildlife.

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Outfoxing Fox Squirrels. These large and beautifully colored squirrels are found at longleaf pine forests in southeastern N.C., but they aren't easy to bag.

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By Madison Hinshaw. If you've ever seen what you thought was a gray squirrel on steroids, what you actually saw was most likely a fox squirrel.

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They're sometimes described as squirrels on steroids: bushy, bouncy, often black and big. Really big – twice the size of an ordinary gray.