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Quick facts Full name: Glen Joseph Power Birthday: 5 July Nationality: Irish tight hugs Plays: drums, guitar, vocals Before The Script Glen was born into a musical I went back to the principal and did a deal with the permission of my parents. .. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new.

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Dec 5, HE lives a rock 'n' roll lifestyle now, but it nearly all came to a sudden end in a pub toilet for The Script's Glen Power.

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The Script is an Irish pop band formed in in Dublin, Ireland. They first released music in It consists of lead vocalist and keyboardist Daniel O' Donoghue, lead guitarist Mark Sheehan, and drummer Glen Power The band claimed that BalconyTV was the "first TV they ever did" and credited Michael Hunter as the.

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Dec 5, The Script drummer fell and fractured his skull in but his father's quick- thinking saved his life.

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We recently caught up with multi-instrumentalist Glen, one of the funkiest Dubliners around, and he was kind enough to put down the drumsticks, and join us 'At.

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Glen Power has been playing drums since the age of 8. With The Script Glen was given the freedom to express himself with all of the knowledge he had.