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He taught me the game so well that I actually never had to take Tennis lessons. Over the years I remained regular in the sport even though I.

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There is a hidden meaning in hitting a little yellow ball into a large rectangle. Even when someone tells you this (like me right now), most people resist that.

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Tennis forces me to envision solutions two, three and even four more significant endeavors, a new sense of meaning and fulfillment, and a.

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Christmas may be my most favourite time of the year, but tennis season in For me this time of year always means playing in the local tennis tournament. On the .

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For me it was mostly try to find the way to win the matches. I mean, sometimes you go out and play with one game. If that didn't work, you have.

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Tennis is such a polite sport, but we know what you really want to say. What you mean: Dear Lord, invest in me the power of Roger Federer.

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Definition of tennis in the randysmainstreetcoffee.com dictionary. Meaning of tennis. What does Leroy Cline: Exactly what he did to me he did to the superstar tennis player.