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Many people are confused by whether a single 12V rail or a multiple 12V that means you have to have 90A of current flowing for 1 second to.

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The second special characteristic is the single 12V rail. In a time when other manufacturers are building up to six 12V rails in their PSUs.

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In most cases, multiple +12V rails are actually just a single +12V source just so a company that wants to get that business but also save money and . If it passed certification for EITHER that means it's been real world tested.

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Does it by chance have to do with the total output it can supply to the PC? That means your PSU can output up to 50 A on the +12V rail.

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This means that everything we plug into the power supply will have the same rail and therefore just a single protection, so if any problem were.

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In this article I will talk only about the +12V rail, and single/multiple versions of it. So let's get down to it. "Single rail power supplies are best!".