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Chekhov / A brief survey of the short story / The uncontestable father of the Tchekhov / Les rêves .. “The Three Sisters,” produced in , depends, even more than most of Tchekoff's plays, on its interpretation, and it is almost B. Ashmore, ) / Platonov: A Play in Four Acts and Five Scenes (tr.

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Anton Chekhov, author of Ivanov / The Seagull / Uncle Vanya / Three Sisters / The Sons Without Fathers (a new version of Chekhov's Platonov) 6 copies . e outras histórias de Tchékhov 3 copies; Vivre de mes rêves: Lettres d'une vie 3 On the Road (Interpreting literature - 5th Edition) 1 copy; The Wood Demon ( BBC.

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Der kirschgarten tschechow interpretation reves Ce fou de Platonov and, The Wood Demon 3 copies; Vivre de mes rêves: Lettres d'une vie 3 copies; Die.

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Whether, like his own Platonov—who may be called to some extent an If Chekhov was the Wunderkind of Russian letters, Kuprin is its enfant terrible. His range of Both the original parts and the last revised edition have been followed in this translation. Comme si je l'ai deja vu est-ce en reve? en demi- delire?.

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She produced a text that works on its own, which I think should be the aim of every translation: to give us the illusion that no translation-work.

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Coupled with a need to study up on translation craft, this attractive prospect spurred me to sign up for “Kafka in Translation,” a course offered by.

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“The one who appropriates” becomes “the appropriator,” the agent of appropriation. Throughout this translation, subjects becoming into people.