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This meme originated on the facebook site when a cheeky girl posted a comment about the Lonely Island song "I just had sex" since then it has been showing u.

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don't need me anymore, you gotta sugar daddy. I'll be back in an hour. At one point I thought you were mature and charming, even caring, but I was wrong.

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Browse the best of our 'I'll be back, when your mature.' video gallery and vote for your favorite! We're Fucking Cock Destroyers.

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And she says, “I'll just be a minute. After a while she turns back to me and opens one eye and says, “If you're finished, would you grab me a towel?” I say.

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If you want to try having a mature conversation, choose a subject about (In my opinion, feeling strongly one way on most subjects is inherently flawed - but for the sake of this answer I'll let it slide) Now find a. There's no such thing as 'THIS ' topic indicated that you're mature or 'THAT' I'll bring you back an applesauce.

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I run the trap again, you on the treadmill (treadmill) · Never Neverland "Rap mature! Why can't you be like to the night before. If you think you're promised tomorrow (yeah!) To the body bag, I'll be back. And when I am, I'll.