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After that you can draw a character in the left part of the character maker, and after that paste it into the character set by left clicking on the.

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I recently downloaded Character Maker from the downloads section. What I could really use is a guide for making sprites for RMXP.

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Sorry for going so long without an update. I will now go over using Character Maker I doubt I'll do this for other programs, but I may at.

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[Tutorial] Editting Palettes with Character maker and more Tools, Using Character Maker to editting palette and something more.

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This is a placeholder for Character Maker The page will be updated in the near future. Please check back regularly for updates or view the To Do List for.

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Character Maker. Related to my previous post, I heard about a program called Character Maker Can someone tell me more about it? <.

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Download RPG Maker 95+ v ( KB): Program to create RPG. once extracted- (detailed explanations here); Download Chara Maker v ( KB) a cool little software, that helps for the creation and modification of characters.