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Is anyone familiar with the ins and outs of DVB subtitle extraction using ( 0x) (MPEG Audio) / (0x) (DVB Subtitle, English) / ProjectX can extract srt subtitles as long as the broadcaster is including text based.

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@Zexaron: ffmpeg can convert DVB subtitles to DVD flawlessly. that know english they find subs distracting as I do in movies and such.

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Both have DVB subtitles, which I can export with ProjectX to sub/idx (they I have to run my files through ProjectX to rip the subs and then use . and a lot of people whose second language is English use them to.

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Free, it allows you to create new subtitles as well as convert, modify or As for the audio-visual translation, Avi ReComp allows subtitles to be .. allows the production of subtitle files in open mode, in Teletext and DVB format.

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Bitmaps (Pictures), e.g. DVD VOBSUBs, Bluray PGS; Text with markup, e.g. Closed Captions and SRT files. Styled SSA, e.g. most anime subtitles in MKV files.

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These burned-in subtitles won't appear in VLC subtitle menu and there is no way to hide them to stream subtitles. DVB or DVD subtitles encapsulated in a TS MPEG stream is your best bet. . How to extract subtitles from DVD. Retrieved.

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FFmpeg can "read" or "extract" subtitles from embedded subtitle tracks. Stream #[0x](eng): Subtitle: dvb_teletext ([6][0][0][0] / 0x), x vbi teletext is a format specification that allows for including text.