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Preparing for the PhD Viva. Matthew Fisher the PhD Viva. Why this presentation? To give you the opportunity to 'defend' the thesis in person. • To assist in.

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I booked advance tickets so I could get to the University early and not I also went through the archive of the PhD Viva website which I had set up in me to prepare a 10 min presentation for the mock viva, an answer to the.

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Your thesis demonstrates your skill relating to the written presentation of your . What developments have there been in this field since you began your PhD?.

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PhD is an examination – a performance event A PhD is about Ascertain it is your own work; Make sure you understand what you did; Contribution has been covered with regard to effective presentations and tips for surviving your viva.

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how to prepare oral defence and phd viva voce questions and answers and phd in defence and strategic studies and how to make phd defence.

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the phd viva how to prepare for your oral examination and how to in a professional way • Making something 'your own'A PhD is about.