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KPOP Music Shows: How to Apply for Tickets. As Korean K-pop continues to spread worldwide, there have been an increasing number and the winners' announcement can be checked on the Inkigayo website every Thursday after 3: 00 pm.

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Apr 26, I've recently come back from my trip to Seoul, and one of the highlights of my trip was having the opportunity to see M COUNTDOWN live!.

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Oct 29, Decide if you want to go for a pre-recording of an idol's comeback stage or watch the The 'entrance ticket' into M Countdown pre-recording.

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Dec 9, Thursday: Mnet “M!Countdown”. Friday: KBS “Music Bank”. Saturday: MBC “ Music Core” Most Korean fanclubs have moved to the official list method. . Arirang is the easiest K-Pop show for foreigners to get tickets to, and.

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Sep 19, If you ever get the chance to visit Korea, you can make that a reality! The live show tickets for “M Countdown” are first-come first-served.

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Aug 12, Click on the banner with the Inkigayo logo 7. Choose your On the day of the music show, present your ticket and make sure to bring your ID!.