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Filing your BIR form Q is one of your major tasks as a freelancer or business owner. 2nd quarter: On or before August 15 Taxpayers are encouraged and expected to file as early as they can to avoid the usual inconveniences How do I accomplish and compute my quarterly income tax returns? 1.

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How to Compute Quarterly Income Tax Return: Philippines (Q) . For the 2nd quarter, your [35] Taxable Income for the Previous Quarter/s.

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Q [January (ENCS)]. Quarterly Income Tax Return for of both spouses, computing separately their individual income tax based on their 2nd quarter Upon filing of this return, the estimated tax due shall be paid to the Authorized.

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The tax rules and sample computation are reiterated in Revenue Regulations of the . 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, 3rd Quarter, 4th Quarter.

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Before you can file your 2ND Quarter ITR, you will be needing the Using Form Q (SECOND QUARTER), this is how you fill this up, note.

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It will show you the tax forms you are expected to file. time for her to fill out the Q form for the 1st quarter (January, February, March). For the 2nd Quarter form, your tax due will be computed from your Taxable Income.

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STEP 1: Fill up completely the Part 1 of BIR form Q with the applicable For the 2nd quarter Calculate your [34] Taxable Income this Quarter by.