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If, as the ball flight diagram below shows, the golf ball starts right and then curves further right Video Preview of Golf Tips on How to Hit a Fade - Easier Method.

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I've covered two different methods for hitting a draw shot in golf. The draw method that I've outlined below is based on the “new” ball flight Driver Distance.

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Golf Ball Position Chart Golf Info Guide If you stand too far from the golf ball, you'll hit weak, right-veering shots off the club's toe. Driver shots should be played farthest forward (even with the left heel) in order to strike the ball on the.

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Left Hand Golf Tip: How To Draw The Ball To Get Extra Driver Distance To hit a draw shot, left handed golfers will be forced to release the club (cross the.

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With the driver, most golfers play the ball too far forward and stand too far away from it. This might feel powerful, but it sets some bad things in.

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The best advice for wedge shots is to hit down and through the ball. So many golfers try to help these shots get in the air. They shift to the back.

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You won't always use a driver when driving a golf ball. For instance, if you hit your 3-wood farther than your driver and think you could use an 8-iron to the.

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You hear a lot about hitting up on the ball with your driver (good advice) but little about Not only that, it'll send your swing speed off the charts.