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Robert Joseph Dole (born July 22, ) is a retired American politician and attorney who He was the Republican presidential nominee in the presidential In , Dole was elected to the Senate, where he served as Chairman of the In , Dole unsuccessfully advocated Senate ratification of the Convention.

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Henry Ross Perot is an American business magnate and former politician. As the founder of the successful Electronic Data Systems corporation, he became a billionaire. He ran an independent presidential campaign in and a third party campaign in , establishing the Reform Party in the latter election. Born in Texarkana, Texas, he became a salesman for IBM after serving.

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The Trump Era Was Born in the Election of Bernie Sanders was 27 years old when he moved to Vermont in and watched with as much Candidates like Sarah Palin in and Herman Cain in helped.

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Finally, there is definitive proof: The presidential candidate was born in the is pictured in this undated handout photo obtained by Reuters May 29, birth record became a reminder that in the presidential campaign, his Back then, George Romney - who died in - was a moderate who.

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In , Trump has publicly doubted President Barack Obama's eligibility to The Republican presidential candidate was born in the Arizona As a candidate for the presidency, Romney faced questions In addition to having two parents who were American citizens, McCain was born in a.

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| | | Maps that show which party won each state in any given presidential election are ubiquitous in American.