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The lighting technique makes the grow cycle weeks in general, rather than the much longer time needed when giving plants a.

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If you haven't heard this term before, “12/12 from seed” means giving your think it looks kind of cool, but 1/2 ounces is not a good harvest after waiting so long.

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Cultivating from seed is not only possible, but also will save us Curiously , plants grown with this system develop far fewer branches.

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i was gonna purchase from altitude, but ima wait till the september specials come around, but in the meantime.. i cant go 2 days without having.

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yeah man let them veg for a few weeks like 3 or 4 and you will end up with a small plant. if you go from seed you'll mostlikely stress the hell.

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I was wondering how long it will take to start flowering? This is my first time going 12/12 from seed. Sent from my HTCONE using Grasscity.

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Hi all so i was just wondering as the title sais how long till i see pre-flowers growing 12/12 from seed. Medium: Soil. Lighting: w hps. Strains.

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Learn the Sea of Green (SOG) and from seed growing methods for your marijuana plants. Learn from seed and SOG weed grow.

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Up to 7 x per year harvesting with the No Mercy 12/12 cultivation system. As long as you're growing a crop that is considered illegal all over the planet, your.

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Will going 12/12 from seed, give a fair representation of genetics? . I have been around the cannabis world for a long time, From before the.